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5 Simple Earth Day Challenges You Can Do at Home

To celebrate Earth Day we're sharing 5 of the simple Earth Day Challenges those of us at Bodega try and live by each and every day - because we only have one Planet Earth, let's take care of her. 

Unplug Electronics and Apps
Save energy by unplugging things that aren't in use, like the coffee maker or even your phone charger. 

Conserve Water
Be more mindful by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or try shaving off a few minutes from your regular shower time. 

Switch Your Light Bulbs
Energy-efficient options typically use 25-80% less energy and last 3-25 times longer. 

Recycle Right
Learn how to identify which items go into the blue bin and how to clean them properly.

Plant a Vegetable Garden
If you have the space, try growing your own herbs and leafy greens to make healthier meals, and add more plant life to your backyard. 

This day, Earth Day, (and every day) Planet Earth gives us so much, let's all join together to give back. 


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