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Courtney Love "Almost Died", she says CBD Helped

(via: People Magazine)

Courtney Love is opening up about her health struggles, revealing that she "almost died" last year from anemia.

The 56-year-old singer spoke about the harrowing experience in an Instagram post on Sunday.

"People, I've been sad, and extremely sick," Love began. "Debilitated , in indescribable pain and in August at 97 pounds almost died in hospital from anemia( hemoglobin I had none )."

"I was stigmatized for being an addict for 9 months by many ill-equipped drs, backwards drs and quacks . While in debilitating acute pain," she continued.

Love went on to share that she's since found "the most empathic wise pain management dr," saying that she "so grateful" to finally have her health concerns addressed.

"But I'm so good now," she assured fans, explaining that CBD oil has "removed ALMOST ALL the physical symptoms . And all the pain."


In her post, Love also thanked actor Woody Harrelson for first introducing her to the many uses of hemp "back in the day," saying, "You were right !"

The Hole frontwoman, who announced last February that she's been sober for more than a year, added that she's still "100 percent sober" today.

"I've been basically bedridden . I thought I was broken for sure this time . But I'm ok !" she wrote. "So I'm just waking and I'm frail. I'll be strong again soon !"

Love said she now has a "new sort of strong with wisdom and more empathy than I had for people with physical illness."

"Love you," she concluded her message.


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