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Why MTV's David Robert Loves Bodega's LAMM Line

You may know him from MTV's The After Show, MTV Live or 1 Girl 5 Gays - these days David Robert spends his time working in Canada's (stressful) finance industry and at home with his longtime boyfriend, cat, and 2 dogs - he decided to share with us how he uses (and why he loves) Bodega's line of LAMM CBD products. 

LAMM Revive CBD Oil
"I used to take an anti-anxiety prescription whenever I felt extra anxious or stressed, but I'd rather not be taking anything strong and non-natural like that - ever since I found your CBD Oil now I just take a few drops under my tongue when I feel stressed, take some deep breaths and it works wonders for me."

LAMM CBD Bath Bomb
"I love baths. Like, a lot. But my skin can be sensitive and I get ingrown hairs - ew, I know. Now if my skin feels irritated I use one of your bath bombs and soak for an hour, it helps clear my skin, smells amazing, and feels so relaxing - I love it."

LAMM Pet Health CBD Oil
I have a cat and 2 dogs, Jackson is almost 9, and Rocco is 6 months. When I got the puppy I found my older dog would get stressed and would be extra-irritable. I give him one or two drops of CBD every day and it's worked wonders - and if I'm driving to Muskoka I give him a few extra drops to keep him calm and stress-free on the long drive."

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