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Bodega Essential Oils are a must-have for every home. Soothing, calming and uplifting therapy which positively impacts the mind, body and souly. We only source Premium Quality 100% Natural Pure Essential Oils from countries including Australia, Italy, France and North America. Our Essential Oil collection can be used for many health medicinal and health purposes including Aromatherapy Massage, Skincare, Spa, Bath Body Works, Home Remedies and Natural Cure, They can also be used as natural Air Fresheners with a diffuser and home cleaning. 

Adjust Directions:

  • For skincare use, use several drops in carrier oil and apply
  • For use in diffuser or humidifier, add several drops to a water reservoir and let mist
  • For use in bath products, add a few drops for additional aromatherapy

Adjust Safety:

  • 100% PURE - Bodega Essential Oils are 100% Pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade, and GC/MS tested
  • ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER - When used with an aroma diffuser, Bodega Aromatherapy Oils exudes a rejuvenating, calming scent through home or office