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  • Meditation class - Bodega Wellness

Meditation class

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Through purchasing this you're reserving your spot to this weeks meditation class at Bodega Wellness in Burlington on Sunday.

One person pass for $15 or two people pass for $20 

Limited spots of 10 people each Sunday are available

Meditation classes run each week on Sunday at 6:45 - 7:45pm

This weeks class we have a special guest to lead us through a sacred tea ceremony with our herbal CBD infused tea. 

About the class: Meditation classes will run for 1 hour and will begin with CBD infused herbal tea to help bring the body into a relaxed and peaceful state. You will have the option to choose a crystal to assist with the meditation, which you will be welcome to take home with you after the class. For the meditation you will have the option to sit or lay down, which ever is most comfortable. The meditation will include gentle pre-meditation stretching, sound bath healing with Tibetan Singing Bowl, crystal healing, mindful breathing and of course guided mindful meditation which will aid in releasing stress, anxiety and stagnant energy.

This meditation will help you rest your mind, release negative or draining energy and thoughts, reconnect with your body, mind and spirit in a healing peaceful way. 

Address: 1B 390 Pearl Street, Burlighton ON, L7R 2M9

What to bring: Yoga mat, blanket

What to wear: Comfortable clothing

What will be provided: CBD infused tea, pillows, crystals.