• CBD Benefits for Skin: Everything You Need to Know

    CBD is well known for its incredible healing benefits to the mind and body - but one thing many people don't realize? It's absolutely incredible for your skin.  View Post
  • Why MTV's David Robert Loves Bodega's LAMM Line

    You may know him from MTV's The After Show, MTV Live, or 1 Girl 5 Gays - he decided to share with us how he uses (and why he loves) Bodega's line of LAMM CBD products. View Post
  • CBD + Sleep: Everything You Need to Know

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  • Does CBD Get You High?

    The short answer is no - CBD does not get you high, it’s a naturally non-psychoactive compound that doesn’t cause the user to feel a euphoric, or “high” sensation like THC does... But keep reading for the full story!  View Post
  • Health Benefits of CBD for Pets

    Try our brand new CBD Pet Health 2 Atlantic Salmon CBD Oil, now with 1000mg of 100% Hemp-Extracted, No-High, Pet-Safe CBD. Designed specifically for pets to enhance, extend, and enrich their life. confirms, “Cannabis oil can be used to treat seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, symptoms of cancer, and gastrointestinal issues, among other health conditions in pets.” View Post
  • 23 Fascinating Facts About CBD

    If you’re just beginning to learn about CBD oil, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 23 fun, fascinating facts about CBD oil in order to summarize just what it is, what we know about it, what it does, and what we think it might do. View Post
  • After The Quarantine: Dealing with PTSD

    The COVID-19 Quarantine and respective events have been emotionally exhausting, stressful, and in some cases traumatic for many of us. Doctors reveal that many people may experience PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) either during, or after the pandemic's peak.  View Post
  • 5 Simple Earth Day Challenges You Can Do at Home

    To celebrate Earth Day we're sharing 5 of the simple Earth Day Challenges those of us at Bodega try and live by each and every day - because we only have one Planet Earth, let's take care of her. View Post

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