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CBD + Sleep: Everything You Need to Know

Nothing is worse than having trouble falling, or staying asleep. But have no fear, your new (natural) sleep-solution is here: CBD

So how does CBD help give you a deep, peaceful good night's sleep?

Lessens Anxiety
CBD is a proven anti-anxiety medication and taking CBD before sleep can quickly reduce sleep difficulties and improve sleep quality. Research also suggests that CBD may increase your overall sleep time and resolve sleep insomnia. CBD may also help chronic pain sufferers who find difficulties sleeping by reliving some of their pain. Anxiety and stress can prompt insomnia in some people. CBD can control cortisol, a stress hormone, which significantly affects non-REM sleep cycles. Several scientific studies have found that CBD oil helps anxiety-related disorders and increases sleep quality.

Provides Pain Relief
People struggling with sleep issues due to chronic or acute pain can use CBD oil as a perfect alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers. CBD eases the pain that comes from lack of sleep by regulating the symptoms that can cause a lack of sleep.

Unwinds Muscles
Numerous scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of CBD in treating movement disorders. CBD also helps to lessen tremors and hypermotility in patients who have Parkinson’s disease. This helps insomnia in patients with movement disorders like Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease to find relief and enhance their sleep.

No Bad Dreams
Nightmares are another reason which can stop people from enjoying quality sleep. People with REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD), which results from restlessness and increased nightmares, often find themselves dreaming each time they sleep. Several reports support the ability of CBD to reduce the side effects of RBD. When CBD oil is consumed in smaller doses, it facilitates alertness and reduces daytime sleepiness, which can promote the consistency of the sleep-wake cycle.

Reduces Blackouts
CBD controls the body’s sleep/wake cycles and helps to promote wakefulness during daytime and relaxation at night. Several factors, including insomnia, daytime sleepiness, or drowsiness, can influence the body’s daily productivity and the ability to fall asleep during nighttime. When you use CBD during the daytime, it facilitates alertness, therefore promoting a sounder sleep at night.

Lessens PTSD
One of the main reasons people suffer from sleep-related problems is due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is linked with sleep disturbances and REM cycle issues. Several reports show how CBD oil can effectively reduce sleep issues related to PTSD. CBD can relieve PTSD-driven anxiety, which reduces anxiety-induced REM sleep disturbances.

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